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Congratulations to Ms Samantha Leong & Kayal Morales!

2011STATES/11015108_10153107726484839_7111786871569258184_n.jpg  2011STATES/kayla.podium.JPG

Ms.Samantha is our 2015 USA National Team member

She represented us at the 2015 World Championships held in Russia and made it all the way to the quarterfinals before falling to the eventual world champion from Korea (3 fights)!

 Ms. Kayla is our 2015 USA Junior National B Team member

This is her first year in the junior division and second USA team. She recently represented us & our country at The Pan American Open Championship held in Auguascaliente, Mexico bringing home the Bronze medal. 

Congrats to Makena Lindley!

Our 2015 US National Champion in the Red Belt division!  


Congratulations to Olympian Peter Lopez! He earns the Silver medal at the Serbia Open (5 fights)!





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WELCOME TO KNOCKOUT MARTIAL ARTS! We are dedicated to providing the best training in the martial arts. Our Staff of Instructors combine for over seventy five years in martial arts experience.

Our martial arts programs are designed for you to achieve the level of Black Belt. You will not only have a good basic knowledge of self defense, but you will become a Black Belt in life.

We offer training in the arts of TAEKWONDO, AMERICAN KENPO, HAPKIDO and KUMDO. BRAZILIAN JIU JITSU, coming soon!

Our extensive TAEKWONDO, AMERICAN KENPO, HAPKIDO and KUMDO programs are complete curriculums designed for you to achieve the level of Black Belt in these arts.

We are a certified USA Taekwondo School supporting the sport of Olympic Taekwondo.


Benefits of Martial Arts Training:

- Discipline
- Confidence
- Respect
- develops life skills
- Compliments Education
- Good Health

Why us?

We offer:
Certified Instructors
Black Belt Club
Olympic & Jr. Olympic development program
Scholastic Achievement program
Leadership & Mentor development
A variety of classes to choose from
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Serving Rancho Cucamonga & Southern California since 2003




NEXT BELT TESTING Tuesday, December 15 at 7pm & Saturday, December 19 at 10:30am (doors open at 10am)

BLACKBELT TESTING Saturday, December 19, 2015 at 1pm